Wink & Nod

Scotch Club at Wink & Nod is a weekly tasting affair for Scotch enthusiasts, equal parts instructional and fun.  Every Tuesday, Wink & Nod features a flight of top shelf Scotch selections, hand-picked by our Beverage Director Michael Boughton.  Scotch Club members will be able to sample a vast selection of bottles, learn about their history and understand their flavor profile.

Perhaps the best advantage of a Scotch Club membership is the chance to savor whiskies that represent the best houses of Scotland, some limited releases and some that are so sought-after by collectors that obtaining them requires serious connections.  We enjoy personal relationships with several of these distributors, and in many occasions, representatives will educate our guests on behalf of their brands.

To become a member, guests must come to Wink & Nod, fill out an application, and pay a one-time $20 initiation fee. Members receive a coin designed to identify their membership and provide access to featured whiskies.  Members can set their coin on their table, automatically triggering the Scotch tasting and a short introduction of the bottles.  Members will also be given unique opportunities to join special events such as multi-course dinners and Scotch pairings at select dates, exclusive tasting events sponsored by distilleries, and member only prize giveaways, such as the chance to participate in a group trip to Scotland dedicated to visiting the most historic distilleries.